Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 2

Medieval Battle

Photo Via Google Images by Claude Deruet

Writer Prompt Page: @hourlywritingprompts

Word: Protectresses

Marcia quickly found Sam who was examining the dead body more closely.

“What do you think happened?” Marcia asked gazing down at the dead body.

Sam turned around and looked up to her, “It appears she was killed by a dagger, perhaps the killer is a woman.” It wasn’t a sexist comment, as the women in village generally carried daggers for protection.

“Any suspects?”

“I really have no clue. I would get it if it would have came from an outsider, but you nor the other guards saw anyone enter the city. “

Marcia had a sudden thought, “Who is guarding the city now? All the guards are here.”

“There appears to be no one. We probably should fix that fast. Why don’t you….”

He was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of arrows coming over the wall. The arrows pierced several people who were out; however, they were no where near where Sam and Marcia stood.

A guard rushed toward Sam, “We are under attack, what shall we do?”

“Pull back and ready your weapons. We need to defend our village.”

Just then, Lucinda came out of her home, “What is going on? I heard screams and people yelling.

Marcia ran over to her. “A guard was killed and now we are under attack. We need to prepare to fight.”

Marcia and Lucinda quickly grabbed their weapons as more arrows came flying over the wall. The villages number were quickly diminishing from the attack.

Marcia looked over toward one of the homes in the village and thought she saw a mysterious figure in black.

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