Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 9

Zalonia - Second Age 9

“We need to find some food and fast,” Marcia said, as they searched from house to house. “All the bread I have seen has been molded. We need to find some elven bread.”

“We also need something to drink. What about that well over there?”

Marcia looked and saw a well as relief flooded over her. They both quickly went over to the well and drew up some water. “At last, we are having a bit of luck,” Marcia said as she poured water on her face. “Water has never tasted so good.”

“I feel revived. I wonder what happened to this place. Where would everyone disappear to?”

“I’ve been thinking, we came here through a portal, maybe they left through a portal.”

“A city-wide portal?” Lucinda looked at her quizzically.

“I don’t know. It does seem a little strange. I say we keep looking around to see what we can find. It seems like people just dropped what they were doing and left.”

“I say we find a place to sleep and then keep searching in the morning.” They searched in a few more homes before they found a couple of comfortable beds to sleep in.

It seemed like hours before Marcia finally drifted off to sleep. She was exhausted, but also nervous about sleeping in a place she was unfamiliar with. It seemed like she had just fallen asleep when she was woken up. She sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes. She looked over to the bed Lucinda was in, and she was sound asleep.

Marcia decided to get up and look around a little. It still was dark out, and still none of the moons had risen over the horizon. She looked at the stars which seemed more hazy than normal. Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from the side of a house. She looked over and thought she caught someone’s foot rounding the corner.

She quickly made chase with Lucinda’s dagger in her hand. After sneaking around the corner, she saw a woman who seemed to have a faint glow to her. The woman appeared to be a poor lady dressed in brown rags with dirty hair. The glow seemed to mismatch her appearance. She looked at Marcia and waved her to follow.

The woman continued to move in between buildings at a rapid pace, and Marcia was having a hard time keeping up with her. Marcia wanted to call out to her, but it was difficult being on the move. It wasn’t long before Marcia began to worry that she wouldn’t find her way back to Lucinda. The lady was leading her deeper into the city where a large castle stood. Lightning flashed behind the castle, which Marcia found strange because there were no clouds. Unlike the rest of the city, the castle almost seemed alive. There were torches that flickered in the windows high up in the towers. Even though she couldn’t see anyone inside, she felt like she was being watched.


The glowing lady led her to a bridge which led to the entrance of the castle.  Marcia hesitated as she looked down under the bridge. There seemed to be no water, and she couldn’t see the bottom. The lady ran across the bridge, into the castle, and then vanished. Marcia took her first step on the bridge and was relieved to find that it was sturdy. She slowly made her way to the middle of the bridge and looked at the entrance. She found three sets of green eyes staring back at her, so she began to back up.

She wanted to make a dash for it, but when she turned around, there were two figures dressed in suits of armor facing her. They pulled out swords, as jagged as the streaks of lightning that lit up the sky. Marcia knew that her dagger was next to useless against these foes. She faced the entrance of the castle only to find that the green eyed creatures had come out and were closing in on her. They were large and carried oversized morning stars. Their faces were distorted. One had a long thin face with a crooked mouth. One eye was near its hairline, as another was next to its noise. Another had a triangular face that came to a point at the top. Its jagged mouth was in the center of its face with one eye on the chin and the other one was where the right eye should be. The third’s face was cloaked with a hood. Marcia had no idea what they were.

She grabbed a hold of her dagger. As hopeless as this fight was, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 8

Zalonia - Second Age 8

Guest post by N. A. Foy

Marcia opened her eyes and looked around. She was surrounded by desert on all sides. The daylight was bright, and the sun was high in the sky. Lucinda was just waking up several feet from Marcia. The only sign of life were the plants sprinkled throughout the desert. All the portals had disappeared, and Marcia stood up, as the heat beat down on her.

Lucinda looked over at her, “Do you have any idea where we are?”

Marcia continued to look around before she finally answered, “By the looks of things, we are probably in the Desert Waste.”

“The Desert Waste? How in the world could we have gotten there? I mean, the village we were in is hundreds of miles away.”

“I’m just as confused as you are. I had no idea where I was going in the first place. If we are in the desert waste, we are in trouble, unless we are near the city of Svareah or near the Mede Territory.”

“Isn’t the United Territories also near the Desert Waste?”

“Kind of, there is a long length of grassland before we would finally reach the United Territories. Mede Territory would be our best bet. The medes are generally friendly toward mankind from what I hear.” Marcia had never personally met a mede, but she knew that they had the face of an eagle and walked upright like a human. They were known for their knowledge and extra long lifespans. They lived isolated from mankind near the east most border of Zalonia.

Svareah wasn’t too far away from the Mede Territory and was found along the Svareah River which trailed into the desert before it ended. However, there were rumors that the inhabitants of Svareah were not friendly toward newcomers. They would have to approach the city very carefully and hope not to be discovered by the guards.

“I don’t even know what direction we should go in,” Lucinda said.

“Well the sun is a little to the south, so if we wait for a few hours, we will be able to tell which direction the sun is heading. If we want to make it to Mede Territory, we head in the opposite direction of the sun. If we hit the ocean, then we will most likely need to travel north to make it to Mede Territory.”

Lucinda nodded her head in approval. Suddenly, it appeared that something formed within the sand and disappeared. “Did you see that?” Lucinda asked.

“No, what did you see?”

“It looked like the sand was trying to form a figure, but then it disappeared.”

Marcia looked in the direction that Lucinda pointed. At first, she didn’t see anything, but after a moment, sand particles came together and formed a figure again. “Do you have an extra weapon?”

Lucinda pulled a knife from her boot and tossed it to Marcia. Marcia took a hold of it and faced the direction of the sand figure. The figured unformed again, but the sand that had formed it blew together in the wind and reformed again. Marcia had never heard of such beings in the desert and had no idea what she was up against. The figure reformed in front of her, and she stabbed it with her knife. The sand scattered into many pieces and flew back several feet before it began to reform again.

“I don’t know how to fight this!” Marcia exclaimed. “It just reforms when I stab it. We may have to run for it.” The thing came at Marcia again, and once again she stabbed it. She made a run for it with Lucinda hot on her trail.

After a while, they slowed down, and the sand figure didn’t seem to be following them. Lucinda asked, “Do you have any idea what that was?”

“Never heard of such a thing. I knew the desert had strange animals in it, but I have never seen anything like that.”

They continued to walk for a while and came to the top of a hill. On the other side of the hill, in the distance, they could see a city. Marcia pondered, “I wonder if that’s Svareah. We need to be careful. Night is almost falling, so we will get closer under the cover of the dark.

The sun fell below the horizon, and the air seemed to quickly cool. Thirst and hunger consumed them both, and they could feel their skin burn from being in the sun earlier. Strangely, it seemed that there were no moons out to light the sky. Marcia was glad however since they could use the shelter of darkness to sneak up on the city.

They quietly approached and Marcia searched for guards on the wall but saw none. The city seems very quiet, and there was no light illuminating from it. They slowly approached what appeared to be the main gate, and still, there didn’t appear to be any guards.

“That’s strange,” Marcia said.

“Maybe they don’t need guards because they are way out in the middle of nowhere.”

“Yes, but I also noticed that there is no river leading to and from the city. Maybe this isn’t Svareah.”

“If it isn’t Svareah, then where are we?”

“I don’t know. This city is large, and I would have thought that I heard of it before.” They got to the gate and peered in. There was no one in sight. “You’d think there would be at least someone roaming around. At least there should be torch light coming from one of the buildings, but I don’t see any.”

They searched around and went into a few buildings. “It appears this city was abandoned, but why?” Lucinda said, her voice grim.

“The only abandoned city I know of is Ruinoneo, and this definitely isn’t Ruinoneo.”

“The magic of Ruinoneo would kill us; however, I don’t feel like I am dying from magic. It’s my hunger and exhaustion that is killing me.”

They continued search around. Behind the corners of buildings and houses, a shadowy figure lurked. He had been watching them since before they were captured in Lamax.

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 7

Zalonia - Second Age 7

Image via Wikimedia by Lijealso

Guest post by N. A. Foy

Marcia looked at the portals that were surrounding her. All twelve shone with a different color. After waiting a while, the guard still had not returned. She was furious that she was lied to and caught in place with no direction. She was afraid to where these other portals would lead.

She decided to walk past the portals to see what was surrounding them in the blackness. As she walked past, she entered a thick fog and a minute later, found herself back at the portals. She started to run and always ended up where she started. She soon relaxed to try to think things over. She would have to choose a portal to go through.

Suddenly, a piercing scream ripped through the air, and Lucinda felt out of the air and onto the ground. She looked around baffled. Anita was almost glad to have company, but at the same time, she didn’t want anyone else to be stuck here.

Lucinda looked at her, “Where am I?”

“I have been trying to figure that out since I got here. We are in a portal room of some sort. Why are you here?”

“I was thrown in as punishment.”

“You mean, by the people who captured our village?”


“Why would they punish you so soon? We just arrived.”

Lucinda looked at the ground as if she was looking for the right words to say. “I know the people who captured us.”

Marcia could feel her blood boil, “What do you mean that you ‘know’ them?”

Lucinda was silent again and eventually looked up to Marcia, “They sent me to spy on your people. I’m so sorry.”

“What! How could you?!?!” Marcia reached for her sword but remembered that she was no longer carrying one. Lucinda was armed.

“I didn’t think they would attack and take all the prisoners. They told me I had to spy on you in case Lamax was building in army. I thought that they didn’t want your village to overtake their village.”

Something didn’t sound right to Marcia, “Your village is much larger and stronger. Couldn’t you see that our village was small, and we weren’t a threat?”

“Well, in all honesty, I started to enjoy my life in Lamax. It was better than living in a city controlled by King Etan’s people. Your village offered much more freedom, especially for women.”

Marcia wanted to believe her, but was uncertain, “What do you mean that there’s more freedom for women? What kind of freedom is lacking in King Etan’s territories?”

“Women are forced to get married to whatever man choices them. Women must become a servant to their husband or else they will be punished and possibly tortured. There was a man here that had chosen to marry me, but before he made it known, I offered to come to Lamax to spy. I swear, I just wanted to escape the marriage.”

Marcia didn’t buy it, “If women are suppressed, then why would they even allow you to travel in order to spy on another village?”

Lucinda looked back down to the ground. “I promised to infiltrate your village and get a consensus on your soldiers. I also looked for weak spots where they could attack.”

Marcia paced back in forth, “How were you able to talk them into letting you do this?”

I was known to be stealth. I could easily influence people to believe what I said and could blend well with others. I was their best chance at getting to know what went on in the city.”

“So, it is your fault that we were attacked?”

“That’s the thing, I never reported back to them. They just attacked and seemed to know the weak spots. I don’t understand what happened.”

Marcia thought for a minute. She didn’t recall Lucinda leaving the village during her stay in Lamax. She thought it was strange that no one knew Lucinda beforehand, and yet, she was so easily welcomed in the village. Something wasn’t right, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Lucinda continued, “They punished me for not reporting back and threw me in here. How did you get here?”

Marcia told her story to which Lucinda responded, “That doesn’t make sense. So, the guard rescued you only to lead you here? It’s like you went from one prison cell to another.”

Marcia nodded her head, “Do you know anything about these portals?”

“Not a lot. It has been said that they have been here before time. There was once a temple built around this one, and people would come to honor the gods. During the first age, the village was abandoned, and the temple fell to ruin. Even the wise men of the village seem to know very little about the history of the temple. Zalonia is riddled with strange portals throughout the land, often found in places that are hard to get to.”

“Does anyone know where the portals lead?”

“I have heard rumors that they lead to strange lands and other rumors suggest that they transport people across Zalonia. There was one wizard who claimed that he was sent into the third age, but most people didn’t believe him.”

Lucinda stood up and said, “Well, I don’t think we will get anywhere unless we head through one of the portals. What do you say?”

“It seems that we have no other choice… but which one?”

“Apparently, we take a guess.”

“Will you go first this time? I was kind of deceived last time, plus it might help me move past the fact that you were a spy.”

Lucinda smiled, “I will go first.” She walked up to the portal that had a purplish glow coming from it. Marcia watched as she went through the portal. She quickly disappeared, and Marcia was alone.

Marcia walked up to the portal and felt herself shake with nervousness. She stuck her hand through the portal and felt a strange sensation tingling up her arms. Suddenly, it felt like something within the portal grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her in. Everything went black.

Tales of Zalonia: The Second Age 6


Marcia never heard of such a code system in her life. She was led by three guards into another building that appeared to be an old barn. The building was in good condition and stunk of manure. She was led past the stable horses and down into a basement of some sort. She recognized many of the torture devices that were hung up on the wall. Some of them were in the guise of normal tools such as pliers and saws. However, she knew by the chairs with straps and spikes that this room was used for torture.

There was no way she was going to allow herself to be tortured. She had to escape. With three guards accompanying her, it wasn’t going to be easy. She looked at the one guard that she hoped was on her side, and he looked at her, and then nudged toward the guard standing closest to her. She knew the signal and made her move.

With lightning speed, she chopped her hand into the guard’s neck. Taken by surprise, the guard fell back. He reached for his sword, but Marcia brought up her leg and kicked him in the face. He fell to the ground and scrambled to get up.

Marcia could hear fighting behind her and assumed that the guard who was helping her was dealing with the other guard. The one she was fighting quickly got on his feet and was able to unleash his sword. He swung it at Marcia, but she quickly ducked, as it soared harmlessly overhead. It caught in a wooden beam, so Marcia stood back up and punched the guard in the nose. This only temporarily stalled him, as he pulled his sword free.

She thought quickly and looked over to the wall with torture devices. The closest device was referred to as a silencing fork. The silencing fork was often strapped around a person’s neck which held a bar with a two-sided double pronged fork. One end of the fork pointed toward the victim’s chin, while the other pointed toward the victim’s breast bone. If a person tried talking, the folk would pierce their flesh. People were kept awake for days with this torture device, because if they tried falling asleep, their head would nod and the fork would pierce them.

It was a small device, but Marcia quickly grabbed it, just as the sword was heading for her head. She brought up the silencing fork to block his sword. Sparks flew as the sword and folk collided. Pain jolted in her hand, as she almost dropped the fork. The guard was using a large sword which applied a lot of pressure. Fortunately, the sword would slow him down from recovering.

As he turned, she quickly stabbed the fork into his side. However, the fork only glanced off his armor as he swung back around, swinging his arm into the side of her head. She lost balance and fell to the ground against the wall. He raised the sword above him and swung it with full force. Marcia quickly grabbed each end of the fork and held it up just in time to block the sword. She could feel the side of the folk ends cut into her hands sending blood down her arms. The man raised the sword for another swing, but this time she quickly rolled out of its way, as he swung it against the ground.

She stood up and hammered the silencing fork into the back of his neck. The fork was sharp and pierced deeply, as the guard fell to the ground limp.

Just getting done with his own fight, the guard who had helped her ran over, “Wow, you really know how to fight taking out a guard with a silencing fork. We need to get out of here before more guards come. I know a secret way.”

They went back up to the upper part of the barn, and the guard turned in a different direction than they came in. They exited into an empty alleyway, and it appeared he was leading her away from the main part of the village.

“Walk casual so no one suspects anything,” He said, as they slowed their pace. There were a few town folks going about their work who paid them no attention. They went through many streets and alleyways, and Marcia felt lost. It seemed that they were not going toward where they originally entered town, and she was becoming a bit nervous.

They came upon a field with stone structures and broken columns. It appeared that the place was left desolate. The broken columns were white and worn down by the weather. Marcia guessed that a temple used to stand there. Some of the columns still stood upright, but most of the building fell into a heap of stones.

Marcia noticed a table-like structure in the middle that appeared to be made of undamaged marble. On top of it, there was a strange purple glow. “What is this place?” Marcia asked.

The guard answered, ”It used to be a temple that was built in the first age. It was destroyed when the age ended leaving it in shambles.”

Marcia had not learned much about the first age but guessed that the temple was dedicated to some god. “What is that purple glow on that table?”

“That is a portal that will lead you out of the village.”

“Really? I have to go through a portal? You failed to tell me that!” Marcia knew very little about portals and had never seen one. She didn’t know what they were for. “How do you know it will lead me to safety?”

“It leads everyone to safety.” Suddenly, Marcia heard footsteps coming. The guard she was with said, “Quick, go into the portal.”

Marcia was afraid, but she also didn’t want to get caught. “Are you coming with me?”

“Well, being that I betrayed my people, I don’t really have a choice. Hurry up and hop in!”

Marcia ran for it and hopped through. Once she entered the purple light, she could feel herself falling. Suddenly, she hit solid ground. It didn’t hurt as bad as she expected, and she looked around at her surroundings.

The place was devoid of any living thing, and there was total silence. She stood on a marble platform, and the sky was pure black with not a single star or moon. The only light was coming from twelve more portals that surrounded her.

New Black Metal Releases 2/9/18

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tales of Zalonia – Second Age 5

Zalonia Second Age 5

Image Via Wikipedia

Guest post by N. A. Foy

Marcia was confused. Why would a soldier tell her to prepare for an escape? She didn’t see any possibility of that, as she was dragged inside the castle. There were many people inside, mostly prisoners and soldiers. In front of her, there was a room that many of the soldiers were waiting at. She guessed that they were waiting to be called in. On her right there was a staircase leading up which probably went to the chambers of the village leaders. On her right side, there was a staircase leading down which was likely a dungeon.

The guard continued to roughly direct her toward the door in the center. She wondered if he was putting on an act, so the other soldiers didn’t suspect his betrayal. When Marcia had made it to the door, she noticed two non-human guards standing on each side. She had heard of Crodions before but had never seen one up close.

The crodions were very human-like in nature, as they stood upright and were able to hold things in their hands. However, they were different in some respects. They were covered with hair…or fur from head to toe. They were frailer than the typical human, but Marcia knew better when it came to strength. During her younger days, she had heard stories of crodions picking up large boulders and throwing them at their enemies. They made the perfect soldier being both strong and agile. She wondered how she was going to escape a place with crodions.

A couple of soldiers came out from the room in front of her, and one of them called to the soldier that was guarding her, “Bring forth the prisoner.”

She was roughly pushed through the doorway, as the chains burned her wrists. The room she had entered was large with a ceiling at least 20 feet high. There were several torches on the wall shining their light into the room. Marcia noticed a purple and gold carpet under her feet which symbolized royalty.

In front of her there was a large chair, and on the chair, sat a stern postured man with a stiff pointed mustache looking down at her. She could feel herself want to shrink back from his gaze. This man was the village leader and likely was appointed by King Etan. On each side of him stood two guards holding a shield and a sword. The crest on their shield displayed complex symbolism and gave them away as being from the order of the Knights of the White Rose.

Before King Etan took over, the Knights of the White Rose were an order known for protecting Zalonia by keeping law and order throughout the land. They were well trained knights who ranked in ten different degrees. To make it to the first degree alone, a knight had to endure a period of intense training. Now that King Etan had even the knights under his control, he would be virtually impossible to defeat.

The village leader beckoned Marcia forward, and she was forced on her knees. She stood up, refusing to bow before a man. However, one of the soldiers swung a staff hitting her on the back of her knees, and she fell to the ground. Even then, she refused to properly kneel before the leader.

The leader let out a slight chuckle, “This one has some spark in her,” he said to no one in particular. “We may just have to break her.”

Marcia glared at him…challenging him to try and break her, but he only laughed which added to her fury. “And what is your name?” He said grinning at her. She could feel hatred and rage boil in her blood, as she refused to answer him. “Perhaps, I should just let you go, in fact, I’m considering it.

She didn’t know if he was joking or whether this man actually was going to have mercy.

“Answer the question,” one of the knights said, his face stoic. She knew the Knights of the White Rose were to not show emotions which made them very effective knights.

“Marcia,” she replied, her voice bold. She was not going to cower before these men. The village leader seemed to be taken back by her boldness. Even one of the knight’s eyes became slightly wider at the strength she showed.

The village leader spoke further, “You know what, I think I am going to let you go. You have certainly amused me.”

Amused! What is this guy thinking? She thought to herself. He continued, “I say we give this one a Code 17. Stand up Marcia, you don’t need to bow before me.”

As she stood up, her legs buckled, and she almost lost her balance. The soldier that brought her in pulled out a key and undid her chains. She looked at the leader, “I can leave…just like that?”

“Be on your way!” He said.

Marcia could sense that something wasn’t right but couldn’t place her finger on it. The village leader wouldn’t make things this simple. The soldier led her outside.

“So, I’m free to go?”

The soldier’s look was grim, and he hesitated for a moment. “Just the opposite,” he whispered. “Code 17 means ‘take the prisoner out and break her down.’”


Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 4

Zalonia - Second Age 4

Image Via Wikimedia Commons by Heinrich Hanson

As they entered the large village, Marcia looked at her surroundings. On the outskirts of the city, there were guards posted all along the wall…a much higher number than the guards in her own village. There were several small stone buildings which Marcia guessed were homes of the villagers. People were just starting their day and milling about their morning duties. The village appeared to be like her village in many ways except for the size. This village appeared to be at least ten times the size of Lamax.

They passed by what appeared to be a large colosseum over three stories tall. It was made of shiny white marble which gleamed in the rising sun. Large blue banners were decorated on the top with a symbol of a spiked hammer crossing over a sword. Marcia recognized this symbol, as it was a symbol of King Etan.

King Etan was known as the ruler of most areas in Zalonia. Twenty years ago, he began his conquest of the land conquering any army who opposed him. He had taken over more of Zalonia than any king before him. He was a fierce ruler who maintained his power with an iron fist and was greatly feared, especially with his loyal army of over a hundred thousand men. His army was placed all over the continent to maintain control of the various cities and villages. Lamax had escaped his power until now.

Marcia knew that she would be forced to serve the king in some way but wasn’t sure what that way would be. She thought that she would possibly become a slave to one of King Etan’s solders. There were rumors that whoever disobeyed the king and his men would be taken to the dungeons and be tormented. From what she had heard, the torment was cruel and often involved fire burning parts of the body making the sufferer scream in agony. Death would be a relief; however, the king and his men would make certain that the suffer would live and continue in service to whatever was required.

They soon came upon a castle in the center of the city. Unlike some castles in Zalonia, this one had no towers and appeared to be square.  It was tall…taller than the walls of the village where Marcia lived. She guessed that the castle walls were at least 100 feet in height. Huge blue banners decorated the top of the castle. They held the same hammer/sword symbol as the colosseum. The prison wagons came to a halt, as many of the soldiers entered the castle gate.

Marcia thought back to her life before she had been taken prisoner. Going on 30, she began to wonder if she was ever going to marry. It was something that she desired, but she wanted to find a good man which seemed scarce in her village. Her village was one of the few villages left that still didn’t practice arranged marriage. Since King Etan had taken over most of the lands, having an arranged marriage was becoming customary.

The thought of being forced into marriage, now that she was captured, terrified her. She was a strong independent woman who didn’t like to be controlled. Many of the men in her own village came across as being controlling, so she avoided them.

She was trained to be a warrior in her village and quickly became one of the best. She recalled her moment of glory when she had won an annual village weapon competition the year before. All that training only to be captured, she thought to herself.

Just then, a guard opened the door to the prison wagon. He roughly grabbed her and put chains around her wrists. When no one was looking, he whispered to her, “Prepare to make your escape.”

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 3

Zalonia - Second Age

The man in black looked at Marcia and Lucinda and quickly disappeared. Marcia immediately went to chase him down. However, when she arrived at where she saw him, she was unable to find him. Lucinda joined her and asked, “What was that all about?”

“I thought I saw someone. Let’s prepare for battle; there are more arrows flying over the gate and they are coming closer to the center of the village. The army is close.” It didn’t take long for the villagers to prepare for war. Many of the women and children headed to the opposite side of the village, and the fighters had gathered their shields, swords, and arrows.

Marcia and Lucinda had prepared their weapons and started off firing arrows over the wall, hoping to hit the army. Arrows flew in and they held up their shields to deflect them.

Sam commanded, “Fall back! Fall back now!” Most of the fighters heeded his command and fell back. Suddenly a large sound came from the gates of the city. The outside army was quickly trying to break through. Marcia and Lucinda fell back with their arrows pointing toward the breaking gates. Another large bang and the gates came off their hinges.

Marcia and Lucinda released their arrows and Marcia was able to take out one of the soldiers. Lucinda’s arrow fell short. However, the army was large and impossible to stave off with the few fighters in the village.

The army quickly came in and took over the city. Marcia did her best to resist but eventually she was captured and chained to a post. The village of Lamax was swiftly conquered. Marcia looked to see what had happened to Lucinda, but she had disappeared.

Once the city was taken over, the army brought with them prison wagons. Marcia could feel fear grip her heart, as she knew, she didn’t have a plan for escape. The wagon was attached to horses and driven by two men, and there were five other prisoners with her in the cage. The small space ranked of body odor.

Marcia looked out of her bars at the three moons that were in sight, the blue, the red, and the golden moon. Ishtorth, the red moon, was what she looked to when she needed hope. However, night it was faint in the background, not offering the comfort it had offered her many nights before while protecting the village. The blue moon, Cadrone was shining brightly. The villagers often considered it to be a moon that brought darkness with it. Dark wizards would generally work their magic when this moon was at its height in strength. At last there was the golden moon, simply referred to as the moon. It was often used by magic users and seers to predict omens. Marcia was not educated in reading the golden moon, but she often gazed at it through her night watches. Right now, only a sliver of the golden moon could be seen as it was waning from its full splendor.

Marcia worked to calm her fears, so she could think clearly. It wasn’t long before they were out on the plains that surrounded Lamax. Some of the fighters from the attacking army walked next to the prison wagons. As she looked out the bars of her prison, she counted nine other prison wagons lined up behind and ahead of her. Other prisoners from the village were yelling at the guards, but Marcia couldn’t make out their words.

Marcia decided to remain quiet, as she didn’t find any use hollering at the soldiers. It seemed that the stoic soldiers ignored the villagers, as they moved on.  The night seemed to last forever and at daybreak, they reached a large village that Marcia had never been to.

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 2

Medieval Battle

Photo Via Google Images by Claude Deruet

Writer Prompt Page: @hourlywritingprompts

Word: Protectresses

Marcia quickly found Sam who was examining the dead body more closely.

“What do you think happened?” Marcia asked gazing down at the dead body.

Sam turned around and looked up to her, “It appears she was killed by a dagger, perhaps the killer is a woman.” It wasn’t a sexist comment, as the women in village generally carried daggers for protection.

“Any suspects?”

“I really have no clue. I would get it if it would have came from an outsider, but you nor the other guards saw anyone enter the city. “

Marcia had a sudden thought, “Who is guarding the city now? All the guards are here.”

“There appears to be no one. We probably should fix that fast. Why don’t you….”

He was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of arrows coming over the wall. The arrows pierced several people who were out; however, they were no where near where Sam and Marcia stood.

A guard rushed toward Sam, “We are under attack, what shall we do?”

“Pull back and ready your weapons. We need to defend our village.”

Just then, Lucinda came out of her home, “What is going on? I heard screams and people yelling.

Marcia ran over to her. “A guard was killed and now we are under attack. We need to prepare to fight.”

Marcia and Lucinda quickly grabbed their weapons as more arrows came flying over the wall. The villages number were quickly diminishing from the attack.

Marcia looked over toward one of the homes in the village and thought she saw a mysterious figure in black.