​Lullaby began her musical career in the band Devaneios, where she remained for a year, withdrawing for musical differences. In February 1987, she founded Luxferre, where she remained until June 1988. After a year and a half rehearsing and practicing her vocals, Lullaby began producing and recording her first demo-tape solo career despite financial difficulties. All of Lullaby’s releases were a solo work, with musicians hired by Milton’s studio at Lullaby’s request. In 1992 the first EP was released, and the following year, their first album, my master, both released in the United States by the label Wild Rags Records, between 1994 and 1997, two demos are released, Morning Star reached third place in the Top 15 of KCR radio, of San Diego, United States.

The EP “Seven Nights, Seven Moons,” the music that was chosen for the recording of a video clip, where she gave an interview in the program “Night Out” by Monique Evans. Enchantress was released and enlisted with the help of Blakk from Angel Kill, matters in genre vehicles- Rock Brigade, etc. Many musicians and fans sent letters such as Varg Vikernes de burzum, Messalina from Skeleton Girls, Samoth from Emperor . Lullaby wrote 9 books, “Live Forever,” “Live Forever Obsession,” and “Live Forever love $ hate,”” Wake Up Evil Angel,” “Wake Up Evil Angel, “The Return and Wake Up Awakening,” “Bloodlust,” “Bloodlust The Heart Of Aphrodite,” and “Lullaby Lyrics & Photos.