Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 4

Zalonia - Second Age 4

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As they entered the large village, Marcia looked at her surroundings. On the outskirts of the city, there were guards posted all along the wall…a much higher number than the guards in her own village. There were several small stone buildings which Marcia guessed were homes of the villagers. People were just starting their day and milling about their morning duties. The village appeared to be like her village in many ways except for the size. This village appeared to be at least ten times the size of Lamax.

They passed by what appeared to be a large colosseum over three stories tall. It was made of shiny white marble which gleamed in the rising sun. Large blue banners were decorated on the top with a symbol of a spiked hammer crossing over a sword. Marcia recognized this symbol, as it was a symbol of King Etan.

King Etan was known as the ruler of most areas in Zalonia. Twenty years ago, he began his conquest of the land conquering any army who opposed him. He had taken over more of Zalonia than any king before him. He was a fierce ruler who maintained his power with an iron fist and was greatly feared, especially with his loyal army of over a hundred thousand men. His army was placed all over the continent to maintain control of the various cities and villages. Lamax had escaped his power until now.

Marcia knew that she would be forced to serve the king in some way but wasn’t sure what that way would be. She thought that she would possibly become a slave to one of King Etan’s solders. There were rumors that whoever disobeyed the king and his men would be taken to the dungeons and be tormented. From what she had heard, the torment was cruel and often involved fire burning parts of the body making the sufferer scream in agony. Death would be a relief; however, the king and his men would make certain that the suffer would live and continue in service to whatever was required.

They soon came upon a castle in the center of the city. Unlike some castles in Zalonia, this one had no towers and appeared to be square.  It was tall…taller than the walls of the village where Marcia lived. She guessed that the castle walls were at least 100 feet in height. Huge blue banners decorated the top of the castle. They held the same hammer/sword symbol as the colosseum. The prison wagons came to a halt, as many of the soldiers entered the castle gate.

Marcia thought back to her life before she had been taken prisoner. Going on 30, she began to wonder if she was ever going to marry. It was something that she desired, but she wanted to find a good man which seemed scarce in her village. Her village was one of the few villages left that still didn’t practice arranged marriage. Since King Etan had taken over most of the lands, having an arranged marriage was becoming customary.

The thought of being forced into marriage, now that she was captured, terrified her. She was a strong independent woman who didn’t like to be controlled. Many of the men in her own village came across as being controlling, so she avoided them.

She was trained to be a warrior in her village and quickly became one of the best. She recalled her moment of glory when she had won an annual village weapon competition the year before. All that training only to be captured, she thought to herself.

Just then, a guard opened the door to the prison wagon. He roughly grabbed her and put chains around her wrists. When no one was looking, he whispered to her, “Prepare to make your escape.”

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 3

Zalonia - Second Age

The man in black looked at Marcia and Lucinda and quickly disappeared. Marcia immediately went to chase him down. However, when she arrived at where she saw him, she was unable to find him. Lucinda joined her and asked, “What was that all about?”

“I thought I saw someone. Let’s prepare for battle; there are more arrows flying over the gate and they are coming closer to the center of the village. The army is close.” It didn’t take long for the villagers to prepare for war. Many of the women and children headed to the opposite side of the village, and the fighters had gathered their shields, swords, and arrows.

Marcia and Lucinda had prepared their weapons and started off firing arrows over the wall, hoping to hit the army. Arrows flew in and they held up their shields to deflect them.

Sam commanded, “Fall back! Fall back now!” Most of the fighters heeded his command and fell back. Suddenly a large sound came from the gates of the city. The outside army was quickly trying to break through. Marcia and Lucinda fell back with their arrows pointing toward the breaking gates. Another large bang and the gates came off their hinges.

Marcia and Lucinda released their arrows and Marcia was able to take out one of the soldiers. Lucinda’s arrow fell short. However, the army was large and impossible to stave off with the few fighters in the village.

The army quickly came in and took over the city. Marcia did her best to resist but eventually she was captured and chained to a post. The village of Lamax was swiftly conquered. Marcia looked to see what had happened to Lucinda, but she had disappeared.

Once the city was taken over, the army brought with them prison wagons. Marcia could feel fear grip her heart, as she knew, she didn’t have a plan for escape. The wagon was attached to horses and driven by two men, and there were five other prisoners with her in the cage. The small space ranked of body odor.

Marcia looked out of her bars at the three moons that were in sight, the blue, the red, and the golden moon. Ishtorth, the red moon, was what she looked to when she needed hope. However, night it was faint in the background, not offering the comfort it had offered her many nights before while protecting the village. The blue moon, Cadrone was shining brightly. The villagers often considered it to be a moon that brought darkness with it. Dark wizards would generally work their magic when this moon was at its height in strength. At last there was the golden moon, simply referred to as the moon. It was often used by magic users and seers to predict omens. Marcia was not educated in reading the golden moon, but she often gazed at it through her night watches. Right now, only a sliver of the golden moon could be seen as it was waning from its full splendor.

Marcia worked to calm her fears, so she could think clearly. It wasn’t long before they were out on the plains that surrounded Lamax. Some of the fighters from the attacking army walked next to the prison wagons. As she looked out the bars of her prison, she counted nine other prison wagons lined up behind and ahead of her. Other prisoners from the village were yelling at the guards, but Marcia couldn’t make out their words.

Marcia decided to remain quiet, as she didn’t find any use hollering at the soldiers. It seemed that the stoic soldiers ignored the villagers, as they moved on.  The night seemed to last forever and at daybreak, they reached a large village that Marcia had never been to.

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 2

Medieval Battle

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Word: Protectresses

Marcia quickly found Sam who was examining the dead body more closely.

“What do you think happened?” Marcia asked gazing down at the dead body.

Sam turned around and looked up to her, “It appears she was killed by a dagger, perhaps the killer is a woman.” It wasn’t a sexist comment, as the women in village generally carried daggers for protection.

“Any suspects?”

“I really have no clue. I would get it if it would have came from an outsider, but you nor the other guards saw anyone enter the city. “

Marcia had a sudden thought, “Who is guarding the city now? All the guards are here.”

“There appears to be no one. We probably should fix that fast. Why don’t you….”

He was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of arrows coming over the wall. The arrows pierced several people who were out; however, they were no where near where Sam and Marcia stood.

A guard rushed toward Sam, “We are under attack, what shall we do?”

“Pull back and ready your weapons. We need to defend our village.”

Just then, Lucinda came out of her home, “What is going on? I heard screams and people yelling.

Marcia ran over to her. “A guard was killed and now we are under attack. We need to prepare to fight.”

Marcia and Lucinda quickly grabbed their weapons as more arrows came flying over the wall. The villages number were quickly diminishing from the attack.

Marcia looked over toward one of the homes in the village and thought she saw a mysterious figure in black.

Tales of Zalonia: Second Age 1

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Word: Protectresses

In the far off land of Zalonia, there was a small village named Lamax. On the outside of the city there were stationed protectors and protectresses. Two of the protectresses were friends. The first one, Marcia, had grown up in the city and was a true protectress at heart. She often found herself protecting the village from trolls, dragons, and other creatures that tried to attack.

The other protectress named, Lucinda, was not a true protectress. She came from a village not too far away. She was a spy for the village and was instructed to spy on the village of Lamax in order to find a way for the other village to lead in an army and take the village by force.

“We haven’t been attacked for a while,” Marcia told Lucinda.

Lucinda looked out across the lands from the wall that they were standing on. “It seems that trolls and dragons no longer want to attack the village. Perhaps we don’t need so many protectors.

“Don’t be silly! The time may come when we are attacked again and we need to be ready.” Marcia responded.

“Well, to be honest with you, I talked with Sam and he said he would lower the amount of protectors since he has other things he needs them for.” Sam was a member of the town council and was known as a leader in the village.

“I guess if Sam says so, then it is a good idea. I do trust the guy.”

A few days went by and Sam had lowered the village from 9 protectors and protectresses to 6. Night came along and Marcia was on duty. She was a little upset that Lucinda wasn’t with her since she was used to that.

Suddenly a scream pierced the air, and Marcia ran in the direction it came from. When she arrived, she noticed that one of the other protectors was stabbed in the chest. She searched the area for the offender but didn’t find anyone. She sought out some members of the town council to help her figure out what had happened. However, there were no clues to track down the murderer.

Prompt to be Continued.